What you missed on 4x02 of Game of Thrones





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this movie was way too heavy for its intended age group

it’s actually really perfect for all ages because when kids learn this stuff early in life it stays with them 

The best all-ages material understands that kids are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for. I think stories that file down all the edges do them a disservice. There’s a lot to be said for not being afraid to be scary, to be clever, to be dangerous. That’s what we, as adults, remember. That’s why I love writing for a young audience - you’re reaching readers who are not only brilliant and intuitive, but they still believe in magic.

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me and colin are going to the movies tomorrow

to different movies

this is true, I am going to captain america

she is going to divergent

we are also going at different times and with different people

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SO EXCITED FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA - soon I can watch Agents of Shield again -

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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

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Coachella kitty

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Arcade Fire - Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. April 4, 2014


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I will never get over steve buscemi in ghost world 

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