If I can pick it up, I need it.

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do you know how much skyrim fucked me up about this

do you

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"What should I tell my men to expect?"
“We just wanna ask a few questions, get the lay of the land. If everything checks out, you and your boys can be on your merry.”
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Got feedback from my Web Development and Design & Image teacher today on my final project and they both said they loved my design and said it was perfect and to change nothing. Plus my code was nearly flawless.

That was a good feeling.

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best of community: s02e15 - early 21st century romanticism

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Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Fred Conrad for The New York Times.

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What you missed on 4x02 of Game of Thrones





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this movie was way too heavy for its intended age group

it’s actually really perfect for all ages because when kids learn this stuff early in life it stays with them 

The best all-ages material understands that kids are so much smarter than most adults give them credit for. I think stories that file down all the edges do them a disservice. There’s a lot to be said for not being afraid to be scary, to be clever, to be dangerous. That’s what we, as adults, remember. That’s why I love writing for a young audience - you’re reaching readers who are not only brilliant and intuitive, but they still believe in magic.

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