More final project posters! Just working on creating assets now for the website. These are a few posters I’ve made.

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Work continues on my final project, I think I just about have the design down.

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I made a music player app for homework! I went with a flat/simplistic design, to keep the player from being cluttered or confusing. I was aiming for it to be intuitive and easy to use at a glance, and with only one hand. The “scrolling wheel” in portrait mode is designed with that thought in mind, allowing the user to hold the “handle” with one thumb, and turn the wheel to tune through a song both quickly and precisely.

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My background file for my final project! I’ve never made a GIF before and well, it wasn’t exactly a difficult GIF but still, yay!

Update: Changed the GIF to a second version, I think I still want to slow it down though…

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For our final project this semester, we have to make a website for a new re-release of Back to the Future. I’m working on rebranding it for my site to stand out a bit, and here is some early title work.

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Pretty pleased with my new phone backgrounds!

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I have made the TARDIS! Next step: animate it.

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Electra Heart | Issue April 2014, Lorde

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Electra Heart | Issue March 2014, Beyoncé

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I made the TARDIS in Cinema4D! Still not happy with the TARDIS texture and the lighting in the second picture doesn’t really make sense buuuut, I’m pretty stoked about these anywho.

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Today I downloaded, installed and made two things with an entire new program, Cinema4D! I think these aren’t too shabby for my first efforts with the program. I still have a lot more to learn though. The left is the reference photo and the right is my work!

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I present to you… Electra Heart.

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